James Redford writes, produces and directs for film and television. His latest directorial project, Toxic Hot Seat, is an HBO documentary film that examines the possible health dangers of chemical flame-retardants used in upholstered furniture. Other HBO documentary films include The Big Picture, a film that looks at the challenges – and gifts – of Dyslexia, Mann V. Ford about the poisoning of a Native American community, and The Kindness of Strangers, which highlights and celebrates the miracle of organ donation. Currently, James just completed the film Paper Tigers, a documentary about troubled teens, the dark legacy of childhood trauma and one community’s mission to heal their own. A companion film, Resilience, looks at the emerging science around toxic Stress: experiences that, untreated, can negatively alter the brains and bodies of our children.

James is the co-founder and chair of the Redford Center, a non-profit organization committed to transforming environmental and social challenges into stories that inspire action and change. Recent projects include the Raise the River PSA campaign, the film Watershed, and the short documentary Fighting Goliath. James is currently directing the Redford Center film “Happening”, which takes an entertaining look at the grassroots emergence of America’s Clean energy economy.

In his spare time, James also plays guitar for Olive and the Dirty Martinis, a popular Marin County rock and roll cover band. A two-time liver transplant survivor, James is an avid surfer, yoga enthusiast and skier. James currently lives in Marin County, California.