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The Redford Center


Founded in 2005 by Robert Redford and his children, the Redford Center is led by filmmaker and board chair Jamie Redford. Under Jamie’s leadership, the Redford Center harnesses the power of film, video, and new media to increase public engagement on frontline issues and support like‑minded community efforts. By distributing storytelling tools and creatively developing education platforms and action campaigns, the Redford Center inspires meaningful progress on the issues at hand.

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KPJR Films


We confront society’s hidden challenges. And we honor those that fight them. One story at a time.

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Olive and The Dirty Martinis


They’re an eclectic bunch, hailing from film, education, and high technology. But the most important thing is this: they really, really love to play. From Aretha to Zeppelin, they cross genres with equal passion. They’re not stupid, though. They know people want to dance, and they are more than happy to honor that by driving that beat.

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Other Films


James is thrilled to be bringing his passion for music to the directing of Andain’s Music Video, “Much too Much.”



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