WHERE THE PAST BEGINS: The Life and Work Of Amy Tan

In 1989, Amy Tans’ First Novel, The Joy Luck Club, was published to great commercial and critical success. With the blockbuster film adaption that followed as well as additional best-selling novels, librettos. short stories and memoirs, Ms. Tan has firmly established herself as one of the most prominent and respected American literary voices working today.

Born to Chinese Immigrant parents into 1950’s America, it would be decades before Ms. Tan would come to fully understand how her mother’s battle with suicidal tendencies was rooted in a legacy of suffering common to women who survived the ancient Chinese tradition of concubinage. This very legacy , however, that has provided Ms. Tan an inexhaustible well of inspiration from which to work her literary magic.

An interweaving of archival imagery, artful animation and live performance from Ms. Tan form the basis for this celebratory documentary that allows the audience to journey through Ms. Tan’s life and career in vivid, living colors.

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